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Mississauga Detached Homes for Sale! An Appealing Alternative to Toronto


Mississauga Detached Homes Appeal to Buyers

There are many different property types available on the housing market in the GTA that appeal to different lifestyles. Owning a detached house has for many been the "dream.” The idyllic view to property ownership is to work towards owning land with a house and a back yard where the family can grow together. For others, semi-detached housing and condominiums suit their lifestyles, and their budgets. While many high-rise buildings are popping up along the city skyscapes all through Toronto and Mississauga, detached homes for sale are still appealing to homeowners and worth the investment.


By the end of October 2016, the average detached house price in Toronto was $1.3 million. Moving into the 905-area code the prices are much lower. When looking into places like Mississauga, detached homes for sale come in just over $650,000. That’s a significant difference moving just outside of Toronto’s city limits. Mississauga is very accessible to the downtown core through transit systems like GO and the TTC. It is surely feasible to work in the downtown core of Toronto while living in "suburban” Mississauga.


It is important to partner with a licenced real estate professional who understands the dynamic of both the market and the community. Choosing a firm like JN Asensio can offer just that to its clients. They can advise on realistic options that suit the demands of your lifestyle and help to work within your budget.


The Value of a Detached Home

There are many benefits to choosing detached homes. In Mississauga, a detached home offers a lot of independence and freedom to homeowners.

  • Offers privacy – Detached homes are stand-alone structures built on their own sections of land. Homeowners don’t have to worry about walking around the house and affecting the neighbours down below, or hearing noises on either side of the wall. You have a contained unit all to yourself and do not have to share the space except if you choose to!
  • Larger square footage – Often, detached homes are larger than townhouses or semi-detached homes.
  • Greater control – Detached homeowners have more control over their property and can paint and decorate as they see fit without having to come inline with a set of restrictions. This is not true for those living within a condo or homeowners association who maintain these guidelines in those types of property.
  • In demand– as available space starts to put a restraint on developing detached homes, the supply and demand effect has taken hold. Condominiums are developed because more homes are sold within a smaller amount of space. This has lead to a substantial value increase in Toronto. Mississauga then becomes the destination when searching for detached homes for sale.

It is important to understand what your needs and wants are as a homeowner, and what property type suits those needs and wants best. A detached home is most certainly an investment and brings with it many benefits. Choosing a real estate agent with experience in Mississauga can help you to realize your dreams of owning a detached home in the GTA. They can point you in the direction of more reasonably priced detached homes than found in Toronto, but with just as many benefits, just outside the city.